•  Graduated from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a BA degree in teaching in 1997.
  •  Taught elementary school in El Monte City School District for two short years.
  •  Came down with a debilitating, mysterious illness (CFS) in his twenties that forced him to quit his teaching profession.
  •  Worked for 8 years as a caretaker to a senior with gradually advancing muscular dystrophy, living in his condo in Canoga Park, California.
  •  Built a fairly successful Internet business promoting from acai berry to acne-related products.
  •  Launched a number of experiments at attempts to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, ultimately curing himself after years of intense treatment.
  •  Got targeted by the FBI which led eventually to ceaseless surveillance and insane, full-blown financial persecution.
  •  Started drafting excessively