King of the Bullies: Book Summary 


In King of the Bullies the author, Rodrigo Borges, narrates mostly real events that are still happening today. Tito Mendoza, the protagonist, makes the awful life-changing "error" when he sends a friend a short email containing a link which instructs how to convert an automobile to run on the power of water; Roger Stark, a retired FBI administrator, becomes so disconcerted at the email transmission that he shifts immediately to tracking Tito obsessively online and offline.

As Tito is recovering very slowly from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), he discovers an incontestable link between CFS and autism through his sister Sonia, who always shows symptoms of CFS and autistic sufferers; and by shedding light on the real root cause of both health conditions, she reveals how to ultimately cure them with the same treatment that's restoring her brother's health. (See side note below.)

While Roger Stark transforms into a full-blown neurotic bully, Tito is journeying in a very different direction; he grows more spiritual as events that unfold mysteriously sometimes come to his aid.

The author does more than only tell a story of ridiculously aggressive surveillance and brutal financial persecution; he challenges his readers to think, encourages them to break free from the prison of years of conditioning, and invites them to take the mystical path as well.

Side note: the above mentioned discovery is quite significant, because the treatment which finally cures Tito from chronic fatigue syndrome, will also cure autism; why? Both share the same root cause.

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