Are Qigong Massages the Best Autism Treatment for Children?

First, what is Qigong?  Qigong is a Chinese sensory treatment massage, and it has been proven via touch by parents administering for 15 minutes each day to help normalize sensory issues and decrease autistic symptoms over time. Positive results are quite obvious after a period of 30 days of massages, which consist of improved language, social skills, and overall behavior.
In one study, 75 children with autism participated to receive Qigong massage for periods of five months, 12 months, and 24 months.
Results: Ongoing treatment resulted in steady improvement. Mean tactile responses normalized by 57% and 72%, with 24% and 32% falling into the normal range; mean autistic severity diminished by 27% and 44%, 12% and 26% of participants showed lesser symptoms of autism.
Conclusions: Results showed that longer-term treatment resolved tactile impairment and social skills, language, and behavior continued to improve. The rate of children demonstrating lesser and yet lesser symptoms of autism was higher than predicted. Results further support previous recommendations to address tactile abnormalities when autism is initially diagnosed to improve and generate better outcomes.
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