Autism Spectrum Therapies Reviews from Real Parents

Autism Spectrum Therapies is located in Santa Ana, California. Here are some reviews from parents of autistic children:
  • Jane M. from Westlake, Los Angeles, CA said: “Not the best experience. I wouldn’t recommend them. The lady made me hold my son down; I wasn’t having that.”
  • Sajjy R. from Dixon, CA said: “We were placed with Autism Spectrum Therapies for about a year. I felt that parent’s input was less important than their policies and procedures. My son who is more mild on the spectrum, did not do well. Therapy became very stressful. A note to autism parents: a lot of these BI’s are very inexperienced. Protect your children. I feel that the bcb assigned to us did not have enough time to get to know my child personally. And the BI was left to just wing it. AST did not like when I put my foot down, or accused them of the things that they were doing. Beware using them, in my opinion.”
  • Sepideh N. from Irvine, CA said: “Their policies are ridiculously strict. Parents need to be with their kid all the time. I mean the BIs won’t even take your kid for a quick walk in front of your home. Wherever you want to go during the day BI needs to get approval first to come with you. So you will be like their prisoner. They had also promised us immediate start for services, but we waited 3 weeks and not even half of the hours were filled. Switched to another company after 3 weeks.”
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