Autism Treatment at Rathna Siddha Herbal Hospital

According to Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam, autism is really a nerve cell disorder because a child’s brain cells are adversely affected, which in turn causes several mental functioning problems.
If you are in despair, there is hope for your autistic child. Children with autism are improving markedly by following the herbal treatment plan of Dr. K. Thiruthanikachalam.
Not every child suffering from autism will exhibit the same type of problems. Each child with autism is evaluated to understand specifically his/her problems. Thus, there are no common treatment or procedure in treating autism.
The doctor says: “I have endeavored to call autism a brain nerve cell disorder. After the birth of a child, it is normally administered with lots of immunization vaccines and other drugs which could affect the functioning of the brain and could cause such disorders in the child. In particular the vaccination administered for pulse polio and other deadly diseases like that contains lot of chemicals and this is principally responsible for causing serious damage to the nerve cells of the brain.”
He further says: “If one analyze the history of autism, one can point out the presence and prevalence of autism spectrum disorder since the advent of immunization and vaccination procedures for children, which started back in 1920s in the western countries.”
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