Best Autism Home Therapy in Chennai

Here are the four best home therapies that any parent can do for an autistic child:
  • Occupational Therapy: Activities can range from helping an autistic child improve at common tasks such as learning to tie his shoelaces, hold a spoon properly, drink a glass of milk, to doing homework. The focus depends on the child’s individual basic needs and goals.
  • Speech Therapy: This assists children with talking, communicating, and interacting with others. It may involve non-verbal skills such as making eye contact, using and understanding gestures, and taking turns in an informal chat. It may also teach children to express themselves with visual aids, computers, or sign language.
  • Social Skills Class: This could be one-on-one basis at home with the aim to improve how a kid interacts socially and bonds with others, which means usually teaching through role playing or practicing.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): This type of therapy teaches kids to exchange pictures for things or activities. The system is intended for non-verbal autistics, those who do not understand, or are hard to understand. PECS might not work well for children who are not willing to communicate or are uninterested in certain items, food, or activities.
Though there are other therapies that you can consider learning about, some may require special training.
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