Beware of Autism Treatment Top Rated Ionic Foot Bath from Canada $1000

I have personally tried all sorts of ionic foot-related products in the past, and experienced zero positive results. If anything seems too good to be true, it probably is!
The latest $1000 ionic foot bath from Canada claims that the ionic foot bath will purge the immune system of heavy metals, reduce inflammation, and bring a more balanced pH level in your body.
During a thirty-minute detoxifying session water supposedly changes from clear to rather dirty-looking because of toxins getting pulled out via the feet.
According to the Ion cleanse color chart, water changes due to different areas of the body being impacted like yellow-green color, indicating that the detoxifying is originating from the kidney/bladder/urinary tract, orange detoxifying the joints, brown and black from the liver, white from the lymphatic system; white cheese-like particles can mean a yeast while red flecks may indicate blood clot materials are present in your body.
Several practitioners utilize the colors as a measurement to determine what part of the body is getting affected and believe each color has a unique energy vibration.
There are wild claims of excellent results on using ionic foot baths on autistic children after ten sessions. Many see the ion cleanse as a hoax that prey on gullible consumers.
Journal of Environmental and Public Health published research, stating that there exists no hard proof that an ionic foot bath performed effectively the elimination of toxins from participants in a study by Canadian scientists.
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