Biomedical Treatment for Autism in Philippines

First, no child is ever born with autism, which is a condition caused purely by the environment. So it’s highly incorrect to state: “Every 20 minutes a child with autism is born.” Autism cases continue to rise in the Philippines and around the world.
Children started to behave more normally and communicate meaningfully, only when wheat and milk were removed completely from their daily diets. The inexplicable tantrums and shouting vanished and seemed healthy, happy children.
To throw light on the marked improvement, it was necessary to show that autistic symptoms are caused by opiates–substances usually found in drugs–which the body produces after the ingestion of casein and gluten, proteins found in milk and wheat. In a healthy body the digestive tract process such proteins and break them down into peptides which the body may use. Casein is then broken down into big peptides like caseomorphine, which must be further broken down into even smaller amino acids for ultimate digestion.
But in autistic children casein and gluten are not properly digested to become simple amino acids; they remain in peptide form, and in this form casein has opiate properties resembling morphine, and can plug into the exact opiate receptor spots in the brain. Glutemorphin, which also resembled morphine, originates from gluten, found in rye, oats, wheat, and barley, having been confirmed via major spectrometry methods to exist in uncommon quantities in urine samples of autistic children.
Because the majority of autistic children have leaky guts, which allow large molecules to enter the bloodstream from the intestine in unusual amounts, these opiates leak from the intestine into the bloodstream, and inevitably cross the blood-brain barrier to impact the brain and cause the strange behaviors often seen among autistic children. This type of behaviors began disappearing when the opiates are no longer present in the bloodstream, which can only occur when casein and gluten are unavailable in the body.

Gluten-free, Casein-free Diet

Parents of autistic children started to embrace the gluten-free, casein-free diet, including certain vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium. The biomedical method turned into a lifeline for many autistic children, improving on their symptoms and overall behaviors.
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