Camels Milk has been Known to Aid in the Healing of Autism & Cancer

Camel milk has long been known to provide significant health benefits to both humans and other animals.

Camel Milk Has Risen as the Next Superfood with the Publication of New Research Studies

The latest research published in the Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture by researchers in Jordan, has taken a close look at the effect of Camel Milk on the development of colorectal cancer in a whole organism.
Another research from Wales, learned that camel milk decreases cell inflammation linked with diabetes. The nutrition value contained in camel milk’s fat, with lots of calcium, insulin, protein, vitamin C, and iron, helped diminish inflammation caused by the body’s macrophage cells.
South Dakota State University did a review where Brookings said that camel’s milk “solves the problems of autism in children, enhances the immunity of the body and fights the microbes that attack the human body because it contains many organic compounds and proteins.”
In another study Jordanian researchers declared about camel milk: “Maintenance of good health and treatment of diverse diseases.”
Compared to the milk of other ruminants, they say it contains less sugar and cholesterol, but has higher mineral content. In addition, camel milk is known for its “potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
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