Can Chelation Therapy for Autism in Children Kill?

Unfortunately a young British autistic kid died from cardiac arrest while undergoing chelation therapy. He was a son of a doctor, dying at Advanced Integrative Medicine Center, which could have been avoided completely.
But Bernard Rimland, Ph.D, director of the Autism Research Institute, said: “It’s extremely benign because you’re not adding anything to the body that’s toxic. You’re removing toxins from the body. Chelation is extraordinarily safe..”

There’s a Proper and Improper Way to Chelate

The director makes a huge assumption, assuming the exact chelation therapy is perfect  for everyone, regardless of age. He obviously has never personally undergone chelation therapy, and thus does not know how extremely stressful the chelation process can be on your body. I have done many chelation therapies for a period of four plus years to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and know how extraordinarily stressful chelation therapy can be on the body. It should become very clear with the death of that five-year-old boy that the same chelation therapy cannot be used on young children and adults without adverse consequences.

Remarkable Amount of Stress Can Kill

The director fails to draw a line on how one chelates as a child and how one chelates as an adult. What a grown man can handle is not the same amount of stress that a boy of 5 can handle without negative side effects. There is remarkable amount of stress that is placed on the body when engaged in chelation therapy, and that is exactly why a two-day break is highly recommended after five continuous days of chelating. Otherwise the body would not be able to handle the extraordinary stress; it would go into shock mode.
Because the young boy’s body was rather too fragile to handle a typical therapy of aggressive chelation, while a much older patient can handle the same chelation more safely, the child went into cardiac arrest and died; that’s enough proof of improper chelation.

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