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Since Everyone's body is different, and even though the treatments mentioned in King of the Bullies are powerful and highly effective, while one autistic may experience barely visible improvement, another autistic, using the same dosage of the same treatment for the same time period, may experience a huge difference of a seemingly complete recovery; be advised that you must read at least half of the novel to learn what else is needed to recover fully.

Whether you're a parent of an autistic child, or an autistic adult, whether you have Asperger's, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia, after reading King of the Bullies, you decide to implement one or more treatments that are described in the novel, send us your results. We'd love to begin recording which treatment in particular is helping the most in decreasing the severity of symptoms. Email information such as your condition, for example, chronic fatigue syndrome, treatments used, and about how long it took to see initial reduction of symptoms to: rodrigoborges@protonmail.com

All statements on this web site were never intended to be medical advice, nor intended to guarantee future results from treatments specified in the novel.

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