Controlling Autistic Children Noises with Tagteach

Clickers are used in TAGteach to train anything or anyone. Julie Golden says: “Today, clickers are in use with human learners of all sorts, all over the world, but in 1998 it was a new idea, and some people objected. ‘Clickers are for dogs, everyone knows that; how dare you use them with children!’ I shot back: ‘Every medicine you give your child or take yourself was worked out first with animals. Aren’t you glad we developed these techniques with animals before using them for people?'”
With TAGteach you can reinforce behaviors exactly and often. The precise and fast feedback together with positive reinforcement result in autistic children performing the right action more frequently and for longer time-periods. In addition, with immediate feedback and learning tasks reduced to smaller steps, any child could master several new skills with TAGteach.
Applied Behavior consultants say: “TAGteach allows us to use positive reinforcement while teaching children diagnosed with autism. Preliminary research at ABC, INC. has shown positive results using TAGteach. Utilizing ABA principles and TAGteach, communication, self-help, play, pre-academic, and fine and gross motor skills have increased.”
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