Cost Benefit Analysis of Lovaas Treatment for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

Lovaas program is a behavioral type of therapy that improves communication, self-help, play, language, socialization and early academic skills. In addition, Lovaas uses methods which focus on reducing complex tasks into smaller and easier, manageable steps. Kids receive rewards and praise as they learn each step, and difficult behavior is ignored.
The Lovaas Program is based on ABA principles.

Who is Lovaas Program Designed for?

The program is used for autistic children, who may participate until they reach school age. But the program can be modified somewhat for kids already attending school.

What is the Lovaas Program Used for?

The program was developed to both teach and encourage suitable behavior such as social and language skills.
Advocates suggest Lovaas helps with the following:
  • Decreases self-stimulatory behavior
  • Enhances language skills
  • Improves emotional attachment to others
  • Boosts IQ
  • Reduces need for support in the classroom

What Does Lovaas Program Require?

The program requires serious time commitment and planned sessions where children are taught skills.
Therapists work with the youngest children at home for a minimal 40 hours each week for the first year. These sessions are geared to teach basic learning skills such as following simple instructions.

Cost of Lovaas Program

Because the Lovaas Program can be applied differently, the costs vary widely. The therapy team may need the assistance from professionals, paid aides, to volunteers to work in several different settings. And the costs may increase with needs of much input from family and therapists.

Does the Lovaas Program Work?

Because the program is based on ABA, which is seen generally as a successful approach to working with autistic kids, research indicates the approach has successful results.
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