Courts Quietly Confirmed MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

What more proof do you need? Whenever something negative happens, the federal government always reacts quietly and in such a sly, devious manner; do you see a pattern?
The mother of a 5-year-old autistic child says: “The MMR vaccine is given at a time when children start to get diagnosed with autism. By this time, kids have already been exposed to lots of vaccines and the MMR shot ‘broke the camel’s back.’ This is what I have read. Their baby would not stop crying after the shot. They cried continuously for hours and some even days after the shot. This is not normal; it is an adverse reaction to the vaccine.
“No one wants to believe that vaccines can cause severe reactions but it’s true. The vaccine injury fund was set up for this purpose. A child who suffered seizures from the vaccines has a high risk of developing autism. A child who developed high fevers from the shots is also likely to develop autism. These examples are vaccine-related injuries to the brain which can cause autism.
“My son had a terrible time with gas, spitting up, constipation, and could not tolerate milk formulas. He also had 6 rounds of antibiotics. He also would wake up with horrible abdominal pain. Many autistic kids have these same problems.
“Ask any parent of an autistic child and you will find similar circumstances surrounding their child’s downward spiral into autism.”
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