How Does Bluebee Pals Help the Autistic Children?

What is Bluebee Pal? This is a positive Assistive Technology Resource for autistic children, a tool that engages students in both learning and socialization.
Several speech therapists and Special Educators have seen marked increases in communication, following instructions, and turn-taking when utilizing Bluebee Pals in conjunction with suitable Apple device or Android. In addition, Bluebeee Pal could be paired with bluetooth enabled device or app.
The Academy for Autism became a Bluebee Pals Project site, receiving 16 new Bluebee Pal Pros to use in the classroom and therapeutic settings. Teachers, teacher assistants, speech and occupational therapists explored Bluebee Pals and discovered several amazing ways that the new technology can improve daily lessons. For example, although working on handwriting often is tedious and boring for some students, Bluebee Pals could be paired with apps like ABC, Handwriting Heroes, and Kiddopia for students to work on letter tracing as their plush buddy speaks and sings along, breaking at last the monotonous task.
The creative ways how Bluebee Pals can be utilized in the classroom are virtually endless, and work as an intervention program in helping autistic children in reading comprehension and inferential questions as well.
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