How Does Smartstones Touch Help Autistic Children?

Smartstones technology is giving a voice to autistic children who are unable to speak. Mia suffers from severe autism. Her teacher had never once heard nor seen the nonverbal student form one complete sentence, after working 7 years with her. But using Smartstones’ EEG headset and :prose app, after only 3 attempts, Mia succeeded in completing her first sentence and making eye contact the whole time.
“It is a pretty exciting innovation,” said Andreas Forsland, Smartstones’ founder. “We are offering a solution in think-to-speak for folks who could really use that. We are trying to bring super-advanced technology and make it very affordable.”
That same technology that introduced turns finger swipes, arm movements, and thought patterns into spoken words, is enabling special-needs students to speak through iOS devices. The :prose app permits children to connect phrases with simple gestures and even store up to 40 in a personalized library.
“What do you want a swipe up to mean? Up is yes, right is no, left is good,” said Forsland. “You can use diagonals, circles to say you are hungry, thirsty or have to pee–whatever is unique or important for those children to communicate.”
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