How iPads Benefit a Child on the Autism Spectrum

When iPad was first introduced to an autistic child, he became immediately more involved. Because of his fascination with Hollywood animated films, it was obvious that for him to be more interested long enough to learn anything, he truly had to be absorbed by the video modeling, graphics, and the lessons. On account of the child being a highly visual learner, there exists no other tool which can successfully engage him and allow him to learn as the iPad.
Here are my tips to make sure the iPad benefit your autistic child.

Create Learning Goals for Your Child

Before you start reading app reviews, express clearly your child’s present goals. If your child is attending school, you will likely be working on goals which are part of your child’s IEP. Or, perhaps you will be concentrating on different goals such as social skills and reading comprehension.

Read App Reviews with Your Particular Goals in Mind

Your child’s goal might be to speak more clearly, understand other people’s feelings, or write sentences for new vocabulary words. Spot the weaknesses you are working on within the app, or locate another. Confirm that the age group for each app is suitable for your child.

Adjust the iPad Settings According to Your Child’s Needs

Face it, the iPad’s rotating screen may be very confusing for some autistic kids. Click settings and lock the screen; this will keep the screen in one position, regardless how your child turns it. In addition, ensure the sound volume is ideal to your child and not too loud.

Rotate the Apps on Your iPad

Do not allow the child to play with any program for too long. If s/he has improved the skill, search for another app to focus on a different goal.

Supervise How Long Your Child Uses the iPad

It’s intended to be a learning tool for improving your child’s skills. Do not let the child play constantly with the iPad. Consider alternating the iPad with other learning tools like flash cards, board games, and books.

Customize the Settings for Your Child

Open and review the settings or preferences in each app so they match your child’s ability.

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