Is Apple Cider Vinegar an Effective Remedy for Autism?

To begin, first, the 5-day apple cider vinegar diet was designed originally as a way to lose belly fat. Now, some people are claiming the diet is a remedy for autism.

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Autism?

There are several things this diet can do such as help regulate the quantity of yeast in the intestines, but curing or decreasing all of the core symptoms of autism is a pipe dream. Yet, the diet cannot hurt, but apple cider vinegar should not be consumed on an empty stomach, for vinegar is an acid and adding anything acidic to an organ that produces its own acid may cause acid reflux, which in turn will not make an autistic child too pleasant to be around.
If the child does swallow it and it does not bother him/her, it’s good for the blood, heart, arteries, digestion, and eliminating excess bacteria in the urinary tract and kidneys that can result as infections; that’s the only scientific support for administering to an autistic child one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each night with dinner.
Apple cider vinegar is very safe that anyone can try it. It doesn’t require a doctor’s approval or prescription. Parents can take it first, weigh what they have learned in comparison what others have said regarding the diet, and decide if your autistic child ought to also try it out.
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