Is Barron Trump Really Autistic?

Everyone wants to know the truth whether or not the President’s son is autistic.


  • Barron Trump is the President’s only child with First Lady Melania.
  • Barron is 13 year old.
  • He attends a prep school in Maryland.
  • He grew up inside Trump Tower, having a whole floor to himself, which included a living room.
  • He is the first boy in over 50 years to live in the White House.
  • He grew up with her mother rubbing Caviar Complex C6 moisturizer on his skin.
  • He loves to play golf with his dad, and once built airports and cities with Legos.
  • He looks a bit shorter than Donald Trump.
  • He brought his fifth-grade class to meet the President at the White House.
  • He’s reported to have been fidgety and socially awkward.
  • He’s reported to have wobbled while walking.
  • He’s reported to have engaged in repetitive behaviors.
Despite the above reports in the past, currently neither the President nor the First Lady have denied nor addressed the autistic claim in public, nor is there definite evidence that Barron Trump has autism, or any kind of health condition.
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