Is Moderate Autism Treatable, Reversible, or Curable?

According to CDC, entire medical establishment, top scientists, and brightest researchers, autism spectrum disorder has no cure. But they quickly add that certain medications may help decrease the intensity of common autistic symptoms such as trouble focusing, insomnia, depression, and seizures.
The medical experts approach ASD in the usual manner that targets only the management of symptoms as they do with any other medical condition, including development of communication skills.
In some very rare cases all symptoms of autism have actually vanished.

What is Mild Autism?

In 2013 the diagnostic criteria changed for the third time. Now, the manual has only one diagnosis for all individuals with autism: autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Anyone with ASD may or may not experience severe speech delays, difficulty in sensory processing, odd behaviors, or additional symptoms.
Although everyone with ASD share in common problems with social communication, these problems range from the extreme such as non-verbal with aggressive behavior, to the relatively mild like problems with body language, reading cues, and vocal intonation.
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