Is there a Solution for Autism Swastika?

The rate of autism is still increasing. While Autism Speaks appears to be investing largely in discovering ways to prevent and treat autism, their priority is mainly studies and research which might help unborn babies in the future. What about paying more attention to the present generation and their aging parents? What about autistic millennials? They are a sizable and growing minority.
Society must prioritize the requirements of autistic people over autism prevention. NeuroTribes says the autistic minority has provided unique gifts to humanity for hundreds of years in the shape of discoveries and inventions. Instead of researchers amassing their collective energy on preventing the old autistic neurotype, they ought to direct their efforts to identifying and integrating this particular human mind style. Communities need to focus on helping ASD adults live meaningful lives right now.
Large sums of money and much time have been spent on theories and autism debate. Money could better be used by investing funds and intellectual effort in promoting life skills, workplace accommodations, job training, and economic housing for autistic people. This approach will offer relief to both families and friends who are caring for someone on the spectrum. This in a small way will work at reducing somewhat the “autism swastika.”
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