Natural Homeopathy Treatments & Remedies for Autism Spectrum Disorders

People often use such terms as “hommeo,” homeo,” “agaricus homeo,” “bach flower,” “herbal remedies,” “complementary,” and “alternative medicine” when searching online.
What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a medical system rooted in the firm belief that the human body could cure itself. Homeopathic practitioners use little quantities of natural substances such as minerals and plants. They believe these substances will stimulate naturally the healing process.
Here is a list of the top 5 homeopathic medications that can be used to treat various symptoms of autism:

1. Helleborus

This is a highly effective medicine when a kid is slow, not very active, and appears to be depressed often. Helleborus is very good in treating muscular weakness as well.

2. Androctonus

Androctonus can help relax and even out anyone with the tendency to swing uncontrollably from a normal stable mood to a harmful one. These kids can demonstrate behavior of rapidity to act on their compulsion.

3. Cuprum Metallicum

This can work wonderfully when a kid behaves obsessively, angrily, rigidly, tensely, and very aggressively towards their parents. Such children can show malicious behaviors and are often averse to getting confronted and being touched.

4. Agaricus

This medicine is excellent for kids who are physically and mentally clumsy and exhibit symptoms such as speaking, indifference, muttering, singing, or screaming but not responding to direct questions or calls. Agaricus is successful for kids suffering from involuntary jerking while awake.

5) Carcinosin

This is very effective in kids impacted by autism who are gifted but are stubborn, obsessive, compulsive, and also have sleeping problems.
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