Overwatch Director from Blizzard Confirmed Symmetra is Autistic

Who or what is Symmetra? Symmetra is a fictional and playable character in Overwatch, which is a character-driven shooter video game where players create teams through characters to compete and win the game’s objective. Symmetra uses her Photon Projector to overcome enemies, shield her partners, build teleportation pads, etc.
Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed, referring to Symmetra as the game’s most fascinating and intelligent heroes, having autism. The director said: “Symmetra is autistic. She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.”
Symmetra has been referred widely as a hero on the autism spectrum. This is obviously significant to fans and Blizzard Entertainment.

How is Symmetra Autistic?

  1. Based on a comic book, page 2: while Symmetra is engaged in a serious conversation, she turns her face and notices that a picture hanging on the wall is crooked and starts wondering why this woman tolerates it. It’s a very common trait for autistic people to be perfectionists. She then straightens the picture.
  2. Page 3: Symmetra leaves a building and one see her looking as if panicking in a crowd of people. Autistic people panic around too many people.
  3. Page 4: she spots a small girl and is distracted by her lovely face; she is distracted by her perfect face.
  4. Page 5: Symmetra says everybody calls her different and inquires where she fits in the spectrum.
  5. Page 8: She rescues a little girl from an explosion. When she stares at the girl’s damaged face, she remarks it’s ruined.
These examples reveal her autistic traits, which are rather very subtle. Since she’s high functioning, it can be difficult to notice them, if you do not understand autism.
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