Top 15 Complementary Therapies for Autism

Parents of autistic children are increasingly turning to alternative treatments and therapies. They are tirelessly searching for a cure that can permanently end the prolonged nightmare. Here are a list of the top 15 complementary therapies that are worth considering:

  • Melatonin  Since most autistic children suffer from insomnia, melatonin can help your child sleep better.
  • Multi vitamin/mineral supplementation  A decent supplement of both vitamins and minerals will improve many autistic symptoms.
  • Massage therapy  Massages can help calm and relax autistic children while building trust with the therapist. In addition, these messages promote circulation, reduce pressure, increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and deliver a healthy dose of bonding hormones.
  • Vitamin B6, magnesium, and folic acid  Autistic children often have low levels of magnesium, the co-factor for neurotransmitters which affect emotion and social reactions.
  • Vitamin B12  Low B12 impairs detoxification which causes neurological damage, which may be responsible for many autistic symptoms.
  • L-Carnosine  L-Carnosine enhances frontal lobe function in the brain. Research suggests that L-Carnosine can improve language skills and promote better nervous system function. Studies show autistic kids improving in vocabulary, language understanding, communication, socialization, awareness of surroundings, fine motor skills, and auditory processing.
  • Probiotics  Probiotics can help address digestive issues.
  • Zinc and Copper supplementation  These may be especially low in autistic kids, which impairs protein metallothionine.
  • Chelation  Detoxifying is always a good thing and may improve overall behavior.
  • Stem Cell Therapy  Marked improvement in behavior, social, and learning abilities have been observed in autistic children after undergoing stem cell therapy.
  • Gluten Free/ Casein Free Diet  Many symptoms have been reported to improve in autistic children while on this diet.
  • Music Therapy  Music therapy promotes focus and longer attention span.
  • Animal-assisted Therapy For example, equine therapy promotes better balance, relaxes tight muscles, increases muscle strength, encourages communication, and enhances concentration.
  • Aquatic Therapy  AT helps with sensory integration disorders and improves oral motor skills.
  • Horticulture Therapy  HT promotes gross motor skills, reduces blood pressure, decreases aggressive behavior, and wipes away tactile defensiveness.
Of course there are others, but these can be done in short periods. Be sure to record all the results so you can know first-hand what is working for your child.
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