Top 5 Autism Treatments in Hungary

Since each individual with autism has unique needs, which can differ widely from other autistic children, finding the ideal and best treatment will usually be individual. The goal is to assist each person with autism gain life-long skills and have an easier time living life. Because there exists several unsupported treatment claims everywhere, it may be rather tricky knowing how to choose the most appropriate treatment for your child. But here are the top 5 treatment options that are highly reputed for effective results:

1. Speech Therapy

If your kid is non-verbal, speech therapy will focus on the child gaining basic communication skills. If s/he is verbal, a speech therapist might focus on speech “pragmatics” instead.

2. Occupational Therapy

The therapy may range from sensory integration and handwriting to social skills and play, depending on the therapist and amount available time.

3. Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will concentrate most likely on gross motor skills in social places like recess or gym.

4. Social Skills Therapy

A speech or occupational therapist will teach autistic children how to interact suitably by taking turns, asking and responding to questions, sharing, collaborating, etc.

5. Applied Behavioral Analysis

ABA is a rather intensive therapy of award-driven training which focuses on teaching specific behaviors and skills like daily tasks.
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