Waisman Center Autism Treatment Program

Waisman Center Autism Treatment Programs has partnered with UW Health.
  • Treatment team offers comprehensive and focused behavioral treatment services for kids, teenagers, young adults, and their families.
  • Treatment method is based on the principles and strategies of ABA and other evidence-based practices. The primary objective in treatment is to assist families in supporting constructive family relationships and meaningful changes in behavior.
  • The UCEDD also offers opportunities for research and training.
  • Sessions of treatment are provided Monday through Friday at the Waisman Center.

Autism Treatment Programs

Treatment for Ages 2-4

An early treatment program is based on the principles and strategies of ABA and Early Start Denver Model.

Treatment for Ages 5-12

A program for kids and their families which offers a supportive partnership with experienced clinicians to develop effective strategies that encourage positive behavior and sound relationships.

Treatment for Ages 13-26

A program which provides support to teenagers, young adults, and their families in teaching effective strategies in developing positive behavior and healthy relationships.
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