What Restful, Psychotropic Medications Control Aggression in Autism?

Aggression is often used as a means to communicate indirectly wants and needs by children with autism, when they severely lack language or social skills.
Medication such as Risperidone has been prescribed successfully to decrease self-injury and aggression in adults and children with ASD. This drug has gone through extended testing. FDA have approved both Risperidone and Aripiprazole for treating autistic-related irritability, tantrums, aggression, and self-injury.
As a parent, you must make the difficult decisions and weigh the benefits against the drugs’ side effects before deciding whether to use either. It’s quite possible your child may not respond well to either drug. In that case, consider these alternatives:
  • Working with your child’s therapists and teachers in creating predictable, relaxing, and rewarding environments.
  • Utilizing visual timetables and structured schedules which can aid in reducing anxiety and smoothing transitions between activities.
  • Rewarding positive behavior and providing helpful communication tools.
It has been shown that complementing either of the above mentioned drug with therapies, interventions, and structured schedules have worked best for children with autism.
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