CFS Sufferer Discovers How to Cure Autism While Experimenting & Treating His CFS

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King of the Bullies is a story based mostly on real-life events, which continue to occur regularly today.

Just imagine, on account of only one slip, one mindless mistake, when Tito Mendoza emails someone a brief message that provides his mechanic-friend precise instructions on how to convert any vehicle into a water-powered automobile, the FBI starts monitoring him fanatically via street cops.

As Tito is recovering very slowly from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), he discovers an incontestable link between CFS and autism through his sister Sonia, who always shows symptoms of CFS and autistic sufferers; and by shedding light on the real root cause of both health conditions, she reveals how to ultimately cure them with the same treatment that's restoring her brother's health.

Greatest 13 Autism Myths Vs. Facts, Misconceptions, and Stereotypes

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It's interesting how Symmetra from Overwatch is autistic, and how some autistics fervently scream. "Autism is my superpower!" Even Albert Einstein is suspected of being autistic.

Today with such tests and quizzes like autism-spectrum quotient and autism test 4chan people are learning in rheir forties that they have autism.

Even people with chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis, or CFIDS, suffer from "brain fog" and intense moments of autismlike tantrums. or sensory overload. or just meltdowns. Temper tantrums can be displayed by almost anyone, regardless of age and health condition. Everyone with CFS, or chronic fatigue syndrome, CFIDS, or myalgic encephalomyelitis are offered alternative treatments, unsupported therapy, complementary therapies, biomedical remedies, medications, and medicines to relieve pain and most symptoms. Sometimes the best approach to dealing and coping with autistic tantrums is to ignore them completely in toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Concerned parents always ask if there a list of top or good doctors who can diagnose or treat CFS.