Beat Autism Now with 30-Day Challenge

Island Greens Smoothie

It's obvious that therapies from music, equine, art, dance, gene, ABA, to eating certain foods such as honey have been proven to reduce autistic symptoms in many children. However, wouldn't you much rather treat the actual cause, and thus wipe out completely all traces of autism in your son or daughter? Well, now you can, safely and naturally.

I am more than confident that what I am about to highly recommend to you, will certainly cure anyone with autism, regardless of age. How can I be so boldly confident? Because I definitely know the root cause of autism and Asperger's. If you know their common cause, then you are in a far better position to know how to start treating these conditions. Doesn't this make logical sense? Nobody can begin successfully treating any disease and condition unless s/he knows the real cause. Can the most skilled physician start to cure someone's liver-related disease? Of course, no, unless s/he knows the underlying cause. The same is true with autism and many types of cancer. Doctors operate and remove tumors all the time, but does this permanently solve the actual cancerous condition? No! Sometimes these tumors return with a vengeance; why? Because everyone is completely ignoring the cause of the cancer (Dr. Robert Morse, perhaps the greatest naturopathic physician of our age, says the same thing but in different wording). Back to the 30-Day Challenge:

If you have a daughter or son who has autism, administer to him/her the extremely safe alternative treatment for the next continuous 30 days: 

Take a cilantro bunch, put it inside a blender jar, add a full glass of water, close it tightly, blend for forty seconds to a minute. Use whatever incentive needed to have the autistic "patient" drink this "cilantro smoothies," 3 times daily, once in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and always at the same time to make it easier.

If the patient won't drink 3 cilantro smoothies in the beginning, then settle at least for once daily for now.  After the patient is drinking the smoothie once daily, gently get the patient to drink twice daily a little later, and then, thrice daily until it becomes a routine. The results, which I promise, will be well worth all the effort, will be progressive as core symptoms diminish gradually over time.

Record signs of improvement in the patient's symptoms in a journal to track overall positive changes during this treatment trial. 

Just imagine your bubbling ecstasy when observing, if your autistic son or daughter is currently non-verbal, beginning to speak; beginning to make eye contact with you for the very first time; beginning to lose slowly that tendency to repeat certain words and phrases; the rigidity of adhering to a well-established schedule beginning to loosen little-by-little; beginning to become shockingly social--almost overnight; beginning the gradual reduction of obsessions, tantrums, and meltdowns--all because you dared to take the 30-Day Challenge, seriously. Aren't these future behavioral improvements worth the trouble? By now, you are probably asking: "How are they even possible?" Great question! My reply: These positive changes are possible because cilantro taken as directed above, will start neutralizing the poison trapped inside the autistic's body; the more this process is allowed to continue, the more the autistic person will return slowly to a more normal mental and physical state of health.

Bear in mind that autism is not a "life-sentence" but a temporary condition. Autism does not have to define anyone's life. Get rid of autism completely with the help of all treatments mentioned in King of the Bullies. End your suffering.  What can you and your autistic child possibly lose?


All statements and information on this web site and in King of the Bullies were never intended to be taken as medical advice, nor to guarantee future positive results.