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 Is Bleach Autism Cure Your Savior?

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With so much controversy surrounding the MMS, I thought I should compile important facts concerning this topic. If you are a concerned parent of an autistic child and wondering if the so-called bleach autism cure is right for your child, first read these facts I have listed in this blog post. Desperation should not be the stuff fueling your actions in respect to wanting to cure your child's autism. Now you can draw your own conclusions.

1.  Private Facebook groups actually are telling parents to poison their unsuspecting autistic children with a "treatment" known as chlorine dioxide, or bleach.

2.  YouTubers are recommending to drink bleach in order to cure autism. The platform has promised to remove such videos that promote an autistic miracle cure.

3.  Mr. Humble who founded the "Genesis ll Church claims to be a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy.

4.  He obviously continues to find success in duping parents in believing in his bleach autism cure. 

5.  Mr. Humble also claims to be here with a few friends to save the planet Earth, including selling his bleach product as a cure for "95% of all diseases."

6.  When the product gets mixed as instructed, it surely acts as a bleach for treating textiles.

7.  Kerri Rivera is a main speaker at the AutismOne conference and devout promoter of the concoction as an autistic cure.

8.  Rivera's book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autismis averaging 3.5 stars at Amazon from 374 reviews.

9.  One adult customer of MMS describes the overall experience like "drinking battery acid."

10.  Mothers are going undercover in private Facebook groups to fight back.

11.  Miracle Mineral Solution has reportedly caused many cases of injuries and two deaths in the United States.

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