Rodrigo Borges

  • As a child was so naturally inquisitive that he would turn over battery-powered cars, unscrew their tiny shining screws, remove the cover and examine the inside to try to understand what precisely made these small vehicles run, flash with bright lights and create so much noise.
  • Graduated from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a BA degree in teaching in 1997.
  • Invented Triple Action Home Cancer Treatment which saved his mother from stage 3 ovarian cancer.
  • Came down with a debilitating, mysterious illness (CFS) in his twenties that forced him to quit his teaching profession.
  • Launched a number of experiments at attempts to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, ultimately curing himself after years of intense treatment.
  • Started drafting excessively what became King of the Bullies.

Is Chemotherapy for You?

Do your homework before deciding to do chemotherapy for your safety and mental health. Don't rush in and take every word seriously from Alex trebek about chemotherapy.  Bear in mind that chemotherapy side effects are not easy to manage. Ask yourself: " what is chemotherapy?" and what does it mean to you? Have you considered chemotherapy drugs afterwards? Have you used or seen memes for chemotherapy patients? What do doctors say about neoadjuvant chemotherapy? Are you fully aware of all the side effects of chemotherapy? What is your opinion on adjuvant chemotherapy? Have you asked: "how does chemotherapy work?" Could antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy function together? What is the real chemotherapy definition? Do you know if chemotherapy treatment is effective for every patient? Can you read the journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy for college? Would you ever use cancer chemotherapy if someone asked you? What does noah mcadams chemotherapy mean to you? Can you define chemotherapy port accurately? How would you identify the various types of chemotherapy? But could you consider targeting the perivascular niche sensitizes disseminated tumour cells to chemotherapy? Can you write about chemotherapy types without your notes? Do you know about a chemotherapy patient. What is the chemotherapy clipart? Do you think palliative chemotherapy is important? Would you fear chemotherapy resistance if it happened? What is your idea on pathway of thrombocytopenia related chemotherapy. Is the chemotherapy cost too high for you? What is your malignant pleural effusion chemotherapy. Are you familiar with chemotherapy meaning? Why not use induction chemotherapy today? Have you read all the side effect of chemotherapy for your information. Do you know what is chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting? What is the general chemotherapy icon. How would you say is the chemotherapy success rate. Do you really trust chemotherapy machine? Could you experience chemotherapy side effects alkaline foods to ease. What is easy chemotherapy drawing to you? What are all the long term side effects of chemotherapy. Can intrathecal chemotherapy be dangerous. What might be chop chemotherapy. Have you read about chemotherapy масло черного тмина in the news. Now you can try beam protocol chemotherapy and still experience chemotherapy hair loss, or attempt oral chemotherapy and share your chemotherapy experience online with others. Why not consider platinum chemotherapy and even abvd chemotherapy. Learn more about it on chemotherapy wiki, or if platinum based chemotherapy may cause chemotherapy nails. What is the difference between cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology in your view. Can you refer to chemotherapy desquamation as something sound. What would you do in describing chemotherapy mechanism of action and how chemotherapy works and the effects of chemotherapy. Would you tell a child about folfox chemotherapy, or the real types of chemotherapy drugs without counseling? Would you inform anyone about antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy impact factor, or just the folfox chemotherapy pump and the long term and short term chemotherapy adverse effects to patients. Have you thought about targeted chemotherapy instead of the chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy for yourself. Did you hear about grading chemotherapy toxicity and how chemotherapy images look like. Read any article on immunotherapy vs chemotherapy for more information so you can know what does chemotherapy do and can then define chemotherapy quite accurately. Have you read or listed chemotherapy statistics and the real chemotherapy quotes together with the chemotherapy infografic, including the chemotherapy drug. Can a doctor recommend
topical chemotherapy or just the chemotherapy for lung cancer for his patients. Do you prefer lung cancer chemotherapy and know all its chemotherapy side effect. Or would you rather go through the
chemotherapy process and put up with the cytotoxic chemotherapy and not complain about the chemotherapy radiation consequences that can happen.