King of the Bullies FAQ

 Q: Why would a parent of an autistic son or daughter want to start reading King of the Bullies?

A: Because this novel, which, despite being a fictional work, reveals the actual root-cause of autism.

Q: How much of King of the Bullies is factual?

A: King of the Bullies is over 80% factual. For example, the treatments and their specific instructions which are narrated and which helped cure Tito Mendoza from chronic fatigue syndrome in real life, is completely factual.

Q: What's the chief benefit this novel provides to parents and their autistic children?

A: The author tells about highly effective treatments that address the root-cause and keep treating the condition until all core symptoms of autism disappear gradually and subtly. But bear in mind that these treatments do not bring overnight results.

Q: How long would it generally take to see noticeable results in an autistic person?

A: Depending on various factors such as the treatment you choose and how long you persist with it, it may take as soon as only 2 weeks, or as long as 2 months to begin seeing initial improvements in an autistic person's symptoms.

Q: How many treatments are mentioned in King of the Bullies?

A: There are at least 4 treatments that are described as having been proven to be highly successful through real-life experiences.

Q: What do autism and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) share in common?

A: Both conditions share the same root-cause which Tito Mendoza discovers in the novel through his sister.

Q: Why is sharing the same root-cause very significant?

A: Because what inevitably cures CFS will also logically cure autism with the same treatments.

Q: How come the author seems to know so much about autism?

A: Three reasons:

  1. He used to suffer from CFS.
  2. Both CFS and autism share the same root-cause.
  3. Since these two health conditions have the same root-cause, they also share overlapping symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, immune dysfunction (or compromised immune system), insomnia, and extreme aversion to slightest changes in routines. Just ask any CFS sufferer if s/he likes changing his/her daily routine and you'll see the same frown that autistic people show on their faces at the mention of change.  

Q: Do you have additional evidence that proves both CFS and autism share the same root-cause?

A: Certainly. Look, I can go on and on and keep listing many more symptoms, signs, and preferences that support my contention. But I will spare my reader potential boredom with such a lengthy list and only present two notable proofs: 

  1. Everyone with autism and CFS unmistakably abhors surprises.
  2. Everyone with autism and CFS tends to obsess on almost anything. 

Do a little research online and you will eventually find confirmation that supports these two "characteristics" with everyone suffering from CFS and autism.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee that any autistic person will experience positive results with the treatments mentioned in King of the Bullies?

A: I guarantee that if any parent is genuinely serious and persists long enough in administering these powerful treatments, the autistic individual being treated daily, consistently, and constantly, shall absolutely see remarkable improvement in the long term.

Q: "Talk" is cheap. Can you prove that you actually stumbled upon a cure for autism?

A: Yes. I see only one way: take the Beat Autism 30-day challenge to drive away all traces of doubt from your mind.

Q: Does this 30-day challenge apply for people with Asperger's?

A: Certainly.