As a result of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) haunting Tito Mendoza ceaselessly, he was always running out of time, always rushing everywhere like a madman on an inexplicable sacred mission. In fact, he was racing time itself as if striving to cram into mere minutes what would normally take two or three times longer to achieve. He constantly raced around his apartment, constantly raced through all intersections with tense determination to the nearest Trader Joe's store, and then raced anxiously back home to avail himself of a desperately required 30-minute nap as his energy was diminishing very swiftly to zero.

Every day was almost exactly the same thing! He barely, barely survived thus far because he relied heavily on the old rigid daily schedule, just how people with autism behave by never straying from their set routines, but failing massively with explosive and painful meltdowns without them. How sufferers with CFS resemble those with autism in their mutual need to have a highly structured schedule!