What is King of the Bullies?

King of the Bullies is a novel written by Rodrigo Borges.

How Does King of the Bullies Relate to Autism?

Since Tito Mendoza, a major character, suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS), he makes an amazing discovery, when he learns that there actually exists a definite connection between autism and CFS, through his sister, Sonia, who shows unerring and consistent symptoms of both autistic and CFS patients. In short, he discovers at last the root cause of two health conditions: autism and CFS. 

The scene of discovery was not written by design; it just occurred this way because Tito really does suffer from CFS and his sister Sonia really does show symptoms of both autistic and CFS patients all the time.

What's the Significance of Discovering the Root Cause of Autism?

After reading part 1 and a little of part 2 of King of the Bullies, you will learn not only what is the incontestable root cause of autism but also become acquainted with successful methods for curing autism completely, safely, and very cheaply.

Make no mistake: all core symptoms of autism will begin vanishing gradually over the next several months with continuous use of alternative treatments; isn't this perfectly logical once you know what's really causing autism?

Because I personally used to have CFS and recovered, and because both autism and CFS have the same common root cause, I am absolutely certain you will see wonderful results.

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